ArtCraft Electronics specializes in sales of Amateur Radio, Amateur Astronomy, and Electronics Hobbyist components, assemblies and products. Transverters, VHF UHF SHF, and microwave through LASER are current interests. Environmental electronics and home safety equipment and services are also available here.

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For all those who purchased the SDR dongles here is the web site to set them up:

*If you have an SDR RTL USB dongle that you have purchased  recently and it quit working your driver has been "upgraded" by Microsoft. To fix this issue go to the device manager and find the Realtek RTL-SDR USB device and roll the driver back.*
It was terrific getting to have an eyeball QSO with the voices we hear on the air at the Golden hamfest. Thank you for your patronage and support.    Art   W0BA   and  Dave   W6OAL

Recently we have received requests to help with household environmental issues. This includes Radon and Mold measurement and RF pollution of living spaces by smart meters, measurement, and mitigation. We now provide this service.

Yes, we do build custom high and medium power amplifiers. We have delivered 23cm 150W amplifiers and 222MHz 400W amplifiers. We have the parts for another 222 400W and 1KW 2M base amplifiers. Email for more information.

BTW - Shipping and sales tax, if applicable, will be calculated and included with the delivery payment.

The primary function of ArtCraft Electronics is to provide custom built amplifiers and transverters as well as interfaces, usually from one manufacturers product to another. The items in this classification require you send an email with your specifications. For items that are immediately available ArtCraft Electronics has an eBay store that is clickable from this page. eBay Store

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Transverter Start Up Process

CS700 DMR HT Start Up Process


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How to order

Products may be ordered by sending an email to with your name, call, address, and the product you want to order. You will get a reply email with an inquiry on any specifications that may be required. e.g. Is the transverter to be driven by a TS-2000 or an FT-817, etc. After the specifications are fully understood you will receive an email with delivery availability and a PayPal payment request for the selected product and shipping. Later you will receive another email with shipping and tracking information.   

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